Customer Spotlight – The Creative Cottage

Customer Spotlight – The Creative Cottage

This month's Customer Spotlight shines on The Creative Cottage, a captivating blog and jewelry business spearheaded by the talented jewelry artist and blogger, Lynn Smythe. Lynn's passion for crafts, home and garden, fashion, jewelry, and travel, is beautifully showcased on The Creative Cottage blog. Her YouTube channel offers a treasure trove of content, ranging from rhinestone jewelry showcases and thrift store hauls to informative videos on jewelry supply vendors.

Amidst her busy schedule of managing her blog and social media presence, Lynn also devotes time to crafting and selling her own handmade costume jewelry on eBay and Etsy. Her dedication to her craft is evident in the meticulous attention to detail she brings to each piece. 

JPI Display recently had the privilege of being featured on The Creative Cottage's YouTube channel in an unboxing video. Be sure to subscribe to The Creative Cottage on YouTube, follow Lynn on Instagram, and connect with her on Facebook to stay updated on her latest jewelry creations, product reviews, and creative endeavors.

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