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New Jewelry Supplies

We’re constantly adding new jewelry boxes, displays, pouches, and bags to our site. A majority of our products were designed with you in mind. We take customer suggestions and use them to modify and improve all of our products. Take our new deluxe compartment jewelry trays for example. Customers wanted something sturdy and well-built that could be organized quickly and easily. So we made our trays with wood and premium fabrics like linen, leather and velvet. We put feet on every tray so they could be stacked and organized without having to worry about jewelry being misplaced and damaged.

Our customers also helped us design our cotton filled jewelry boxes. Customers were tired of getting low quality boxes with ugly bulges and terrible cotton inserts. Our boxes were designed to fit snug to prevent bulging lids. We also use thick cotton inserts to ensure your jewelry is safe at all times. Whatever you’re looking for we’re confident our low prices, large selection and superior customer service will keep you coming back.

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