Collection: Compartment Trays

Deluxe Stackable Jewelry Trays

Is your jewelry all over the place? Does it look like someone dumped your gorgeous jewelry on a table without rhyme or reason? Do you have a difficult time finding a piece of jewelry when you need it most? It’s time to get organized with our deluxe stackable jewelry trays. You wouldn’t buy something from someone that’s messy and unorganized and your customers wouldn’t either.

We attend several jewelry trade shows every year. We were constantly meeting jewelers that needed something better than the standard plastic jewelry trays. You know exactly which ones I’m talking about; the dull plastic trays in black or white. So we searched far and wide to find better jewelry display trays. In the end we couldn’t find anything that met our high quality standards so we decided to design and manufacture our own.

We designed our jewelry trays with wood and covered them with superior materials like velvet, leather and linen. Wooden jewelry trays come in multiple compartment configurations to meet all your needs. We carry jewelry trays with 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 18, 24 and 32 compartments. Plus all of our trays are stackable making them easy to organize and transfer. Organize your necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and watches with ease. Once you’re organized, simply put them in a jewelry tray bag for your next tradeshow.

Our deluxe stackable jewelry trays have quickly become one of our best-selling categories. Customers love how sturdy, attractive and convenient they are. Our customers know other jewelry trays don’t come close. Order today to take advantage of free shipping over $100 and quantity discounts up to 10% without having to sign up for a wholesale account.

Stop losing customers with your unorganized jewelry set-up. Invest in high-quality stackable jewelry trays to wow your customers and close sales.