Collection: Kraft Cotton Filled Boxes

Kraft Cotton Filled Jewelry Boxes

For a natural and modern look try our kraft cotton filled jewelry boxes. Kraft packaging has become extremely popular in recent years. Jewelry retailers, crafters and other small businesses prefer the 100% recyclable and sustainable material over traditional jewelry boxes. Best of all, kraft boxes can be easily customized with your logo with a simple ink stamp. Or if you prefer a more professional jewelry box with multi-color logos and graphics, fill out our custom quote form for a free quote.

At JPI Display we design and manufacture our own kraft boxes to ensure the highest quality possible. Our boxes fit snug which means you won’t get ugly bulges on the sides like our competitors. Each box comes with a full inch of cotton fill compared to the usual half inch. A full inch means your jewelry is less likely to move around - preventing scratches and damage. It’s the main reason why our customers use these boxes to ship their e-commerce orders.

Manufacturing our own boxes also means we can offer a greater selection. Kraft boxes are available in various widths and lengths to fit all your small business needs. Can’t find what you’re looking for? We may be able to make the box you need. And don’t forget to browse our entire collection of boxes for more colors and sizes.