Collection: Displays

Jewelry Displays

Show off your beautiful jewelry with our collection of jewelry displays. These displays are perfect for your showroom or on the road at trade shows. We carry a wide selection of displays for necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, watches and more. Displays are available as busts, t-bars, easels and ramps in multiple materials and colors. If you don't see something you're looking for please contact us to let us know. And for tips on displaying jewelry check out our blog post "How to Display Your Jewelry."

Necklace Busts

Our most popular type of display is the necklace bust. Make your chains and pendants stand out with a sturdy necklace bust. We offer a growing selection of busts in multiple sizes. The classic black velvet necklace bust is always a solid choice. Gold and silver jewelry pops on black velvet and is sure to draw attention to your unique pieces. Another popular choice is the white leather necklace bust. White leather is ideal for dark and colorful jewelry. Gemstones look vibrant on white leather busts. For something truly unique, try our burlap necklace busts. Burlap busts have a distinctive texture that is great for any type of jewelry. Mix and match necklace busts to stand out from the rest.

T-Bar Displays

T-bar jewelry displays allow you to showcase multiple levels of jewelry. Like our jewelry busts, t-bar jewelry displays come in three colors and materials; black velvet, white leather and beige burlap. Tall bar displays are used to showcase necklaces whereas the smaller bar displays are used for bracelets. Tall displays can hold several necklaces at once and are great for comparing length and thickness. Shorter multi-bar jewelry displays are perfect for bracelets and watches. We carry single, double and triple level t-bar displays.

Trays and Inserts

Jewelry trays and inserts are ideal for showcasing multiple jewelry pieces at a time. Trays come in a standard size of 14 ¾” by 8 ¼”. Tray inserts though vary in material and compartments. JPI Display carries inserts with 8 to 50 compartments. Trays and inserts make traveling to tradeshows a breeze. They’re compact, lightweight and stackable. Inserts are available in black, white and beige. Be sure to check out our jewelry tray carrying case.