How to Display Your Jewelry

How to Display Your Jewelry

Three Gold Watch Displayed in a Jewelry Case on Jewelry Display Platforms

Putting together a new jewelry collection can take months to design and manufacturer. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste by forgetting the last step in the process; the presentation. How you present your jewelry has a direct correlation to how well it sells. In this guide we’ll go over everything you need to know to display your jewelry either in your showroom or on the road at trade shows. So let’s jump right in.

Display Types

The first thing you want to do is determine they style of displays you want to use. There are several types of displays so you’ll want to determine your goals. If you want to display a high quantity of pieces we recommend multi-tiered t-bars for necklaces, bracelets or watches. For a more accessible set up try jewelry trays with compartments. Trays are easy to store and don’t take up too much space which could be an issue at tradeshows or small showrooms. If you’d like to focus attention to one piece at a time, we recommend necklace busts or easels. Of course you can mix and match as long as you don’t stray from your color theme which brings us to our next tip.

Use Contrasting Colors

Make your jewelry pop with contrasting color displays. Gold looks fantastic on black velvet or leather displays. Jewelry with organic materials looks great on wood displays. Vibrant colors can be presented on white or beige displays. The main point is the jewelry should never match or blend in to your display. Doing so will ensure your jewelry goes unnoticed and unsold.

Use Lights to Your Advantage

Lighting can be inconsistent if you’re traveling from tradeshow to tradeshow. If you can control it though, a well-placed light can make your jewelry sparkle all day long. LED lights are inexpensive and easy to carry. Place at least one light per jewelry piece if you’re using LED spotlights. You can also use wide range LED lights to cover multiple pieces at once. We recommend trying to use battery powered lights to avoid messy cables running through your displays.

Don’t Forget the Mirrors

I learned this the hard way. At one of my first tradeshows someone tried on a necklace and looked around for a mirror. I spent so much time focusing on the presentation I forgot about the customer. Not only are mirrors necessary for customers they can be used to accentuate your jewelry. A well placed mirror can reflect light to your pieces from another angle or can make your collection appear larger.


Some displays travel better than others. If you’ll be traveling often we recommend displays that can be broken down and stored easily. Jewelry rolls or trays can be stored in luggage securely. You also have the option to use specialized travel cases that hold multiple jewelry trays.

If you still have question about jewelry displays, feel free to contact us for further assistance.

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