Collection: Jewelry Pillows

Jewelry Display Pillows

Display your beautiful bracelets, bangles and watches with our new collection of jewelry display pillows. Jewelry pillows are a must-have for trade shows, showrooms, boutiques or even your personal jewelry collection. Currently we offer pillows in black velvet, white leather and beige burlap. Each color is available in 3” x 3” and 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" making them suitable for almost any bracelet or watch. Black velvet jewelry pillows will make your gold or silver jewelry pop like never before. Our white leather jewelry pillows are ideal for colorful beaded bracelets or dark metal watches. For a truly unique presentation try our burlap jewelry display pillows. Whichever color you choose we’re confident you’ll appreciate our plump, high quality jewelry pillows along with our exceptional customer service. JPI Display is family-owned and operated. We’ve been serving the jewelry industry from Ontario California since 1999. Be a part of the JPI Display family today!