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Collection: Premium Cardboard Boxes

Premium Cardboard Jewelry Boxes

We’re proud to introduce our latest collection of premium cardboard jewelry boxes. This unique collection is an upgrade to our standard cotton filled cardboard jewelry boxes. Our premium cardboard boxes come in new colors and patterns that pop. Your loved ones or customers will love our polka dot jewelry boxes available in black, pink, silver, white, and red with gold polka dots and a lovely satin ribbon bow. If polka dots aren’t your thing we also carry premium boxes in solid colors like black, teal, champagne, silver, brown and white. Our exclusive premium boxes are covered in coated paper or linen for a look you won’t find anywhere else. Our first run of boxes are 1 ¾” x 1 ¾” x 1 ½” but we’ll be carrying more sizes and colors soon.

Each box comes with a velvet foam insert to store rings, earrings or small necklaces. Premium cardboard jewelry boxes are perfect for any occasion like holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and more. If you’re a business owner these boxes are great for shipping jewelry or displaying jewelry at your next trade show. Your customers will love the elegant presentation these boxes provide without breaking the bank. So skip the boring and plain jewelry boxes and try these premium cardboard jewelry boxes from JPI Display.